Level 3: Dhoondo Ge Agar Mulkon Mulkon


  • Dhoondo Ge Agar Mulkoṅ Mulkoṅ

Even if you search (for me) in nation after nation

– dhoondo ge = could also be spelled dhoondoge (normal future tense)

– mulk = nation, country – from Arabic ملك  mulk (= rule, reign)

– mulkoṅ mulkoṅ = note that the oblique case here denotes direction or location (as in mulkoṅ mēṅ)


  • Milne Ke Nahiṅ Naayaab Haiṅ Hum

You won’t find (someone like me), as I’m rare.

– naayaab = rare – from Persian (ناياب  from – يافتن  – ياب  (= to find) and نا (= non-))

– haiṅ hum = note that the plural here is used for the singular


  • Tabeer Hai Jiski Hasrat-0-Gham

The interpretation of…


  • Aye Humnafaso Woh Khwaab Hain Hum

Oh friend, we’re that dream