Level 1: Doori

Persian: Afghan Dialect


Ajmal Zahin



  • میخواهم ازَت دور شوم

Mekhaaham azat dur shawm.

I want to get away from you.

– mekhaaham = Tehrani: “mikhaaham” / “mikhaam”

– azat = az to

– shawm = Tehrani: “sham” / “besham”


  • اما نمیشه

Amaa namesha.

But it’s impossible.

– namesha = Tehrani: nemishe


  • میخواهم ازَت دور شوم

Mekhaaham azat dur shawm.

I want toget away from you.


  • مثل تو مغرور شوم 

Mesl-e to maghrur shawm

Become proud like you.


  • اما نمیشه

Amaa namesha.

But it’s impossible.


  • هزار هزاران بار دلم شکستی

Hazaar hazaaraan baar delam shekasti.

You broke my heart thousands and thousands of times.

– hazaaraan = normally the “-aan” is only used for people as in “Talibaan”, but it can be used for some certain, inanimate nouns like “derakhtaan” (= trees)

– delam shekasti = Iranian would probably prefer “delamo shekasti”


  • میخوام که رنجور شوم

Mekhaaham ke ranjur shawm.

I want to get miserable.


  • دوست دارم

Dusat daaram.

I love you.

– dusat = Tehrani: Duset, colloquial for “dustet”, first t was dropped, probably for easy of pronunciation


  • توی بال و پرم

Toyi baalo param.

You’re my wing(s) and my feather(s).


  • تا دنیا دنیاست تو جان منی

Taa dunyaa dunyaast to jaane mani.

As long as the world exists you’re my sweetheart.


  • در سرنوشتها، تو مالِ منی

Dar sar-neweshthaa to maale mani

It’s destiny, you belong to me.


  • به باغ و بُستان زه تو گل نخواهم

Ba baagho bustaan ze to gul nakhaaham.

I don’t want flowers from you for the gardens.

– ba = be

– ze to = az to


  • تو بهار هر سالِ منی

To bahaare har saale mani.

You are the spring of every year of mine.


  • اگر يک لحظه با من قهر کنی

Agar yak lahze baaman qahr koni,

If you are angry with me for one moment,


  • زندگی را به کامِ من زهر کنی

Zendagiraa ba kaame man zahar koni,

Poison life for me.

– ba kaame man = in my favour; for me


  • اگر با بهانه های بي

Agar baa bahaanehaayi bi-? 

If you, with your ? lies…


  • مَرا رسوای این شهر کنی

… maraa raswaayi in shahr koni.

…slander me in this town.

– maraa = man raa


دل پر از غصه و غم نمیشه

Del por az ghusa o gham namesha.

(My) heart won’t become full of grief and sorrow.


  • عشقِ من ذرّه ای کم نمیشه

Eshqe man zarrayi kam namesha.

My love won’t become less, not even a bit.


  • من فدای قهرو آشتیاتم

Man fedaaye gahro aashtiyaatam

I submit myself to your anger and reconciliations.


  • به خدا دوسِت دارم… همیشه

Ba khodaa dusat daaram hamesha!

By God, I will always love you!