Discover a wide range of Persian songs of different dialects and music genres with detailed explanations of the language used.

The songs are classified according to their difficulty:

  • Level 1 – Fairly easy and common vocab, not too different from what is taught in textbooks
  • Level 2 – A bit more uncommon vocab and complex grammatical constructions, either because it is more advanced colloquial language or formal language.
  • Level 3 – Advanced and rarely used vocab, mostly quite poetic and formal languages or lots of idioms and slang


Iranian Persian (Farsi):

Level 1: In Eshghe

Level 3: Cigare Soorati

Level 3: Tabestoon Kootahe


Afghan Persian (Dari):

Level 1: Doori

Level 2: Dile To Az Ma Khabar Nadaarad


Tajik Persian (Tajiki):

Level 1: Maida Maida

Level 1: Maylesh



Iranian Proverbs

Afghan Proverbs