Everyone studying Arabic knows just how difficult it is to get a good grasp of the spoken varieties – there are hardly any good materials out there that explain what exactly is happening in terms of grammar, vocab and pronunciation. In this section you will find a variety of different songs of different dialects with in-depth explanations for what is happening in the particular dialect.

The songs are classified according to their difficulty:

  • Level 1 – Fairly easy and common vocab, not too different from what is taught in textbooks
  • Level 2 – A bit more uncommon vocab and complex grammatical constructions, either because it is more advanced colloquial language or formal language.
  • Level 3 – Advanced and rarely used vocab, mostly quite poetic and formal languages or lots of idioms and slang


Lebanese Arabic:

Level 1: وينك (Waynik)

Level 2: عصفور طل من الشباك (ASfur Tall min ish-Shibbaak)


Iraqi Arabic:

Level 2: ما لي شغل بالسوق (Mali shoghl b-is-sug)


Gulf Arabic:

Level 1: البادي اظلم (Il-Badi Azlam)

Level 1: احبك لو تكون حاضر (Ahebbak law tkun hadir)

Level 1: يا زمن وش فيك قاسي (Ya Ziman Wish Fik Gasi)

Level 2: جالس في حالي (Jaalis fi Haali)

Level 2: صارحيني (Sarihīni)

Level 2: غصب عن عيني مسافر (Ghasb 3an 3ayni msaafir)

Level 2: لا تسافر (La Tsafir)

Level 2: والله طحت من عيني (Wallah tiht min 3aini)

Level 3: مهما جرى (Mahma Jara)

Level 3: يا شـوق أنا قلبي لهوف (Ya Shōg Ana galbi lahūf)


Egyptian Arabic

Level 2: بعد يومين (Ba3d Yōmēn)

Level 2: ابعتلي جواب (Ib3atli gawaab)


Jordanian Arabic:

Level 2: ردي شعراتك (Ruddi Sha3raatich)

Level 2: بين الدوالي (Bein Id-dawaali)


Arabic Grammar:

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