Level 3: Cigare Soorati

Persian: Iranian Dialect

Cigare Surati

(“Pink Cigarette”)



  • Injaa baaz dame sobim, o cigaare surati.

Here we are again, early in the morning, with a pink cigarette.

– baaz = again

– dame = close to, at the verge of, nearby

– sobim = sobh hastim

– o = va


  • Daaghunam o toyi ke tanhaa duste mani.

I’m shattered and you are my only friend.

– daaghunam = daaghaan hastam

– toyi = to hasti


  • Tu mehmuni yaa ba’de sheytuniyaa.

At parties or after mischiefs.

– tu = dar

– mehmuni = mehmaani

– sheytuniyaa = sheytaanihaa


  • To budi baam. (2x)

You were with me.

– baam = baa man


  • Na khubim, na badim.

We are neither good nor bad.

– khubim = khub hastim; badim = bad hastim


  • Hamdigaro baladim.

We know each other (well).

– Hamdigaro  = hamdigar raa


  • Dunyaa daare mirune.

The world is racing.

è Mirune = miraanad (raanandan – to drive)


  • Ru sandali aghabim.

We are on its (/the) backseat. / We are sitting backwards. (?)


  • Injaa mese cirque e o maa…

This is like a circus and and we…

– mese = mesle

– cirque e = cirque ast


  • Tike o paare dombaale aatish midoyim.

…are chasing after fire, being all torn apart.


  • Dele talabkaaro raazish mikonim.

Satisfying our hearts’ demands.

– talabkaaro = talabkaar raa

– raazish = u raa raazi


  • Vali baazam toyi.

But you’re still the one. / It’s still you. / You are still there.

– baazam = baaz ham


  • Chun jaat miyaad eshghe dige

Cuz if another love comes to replace you

– jaat = jaaye to

– dige = digar


  • Baazam eshghet zendegime.

Your love is still my life.

– baazam = baaz ham

– zendegime = zendegiye man ast.


  • Leh shodim mese miwe.

We got crushed like fruit.

– mese = mesle (CvCC often turns to CvC, like “fek mikonam” instead of “fekr mikonam”)


  • Baayad berim, berim dige.

We have to go, come on, let’s go.

– berim = berawim

– dige = digar = untranslatable


  • In hamechiz beyne maast.

There are all these things between us.

– maast = maa hast


  • Tu saram eyne taas, micharkhe o micharkhe.

That keep revolving in my head like dice.

– tu = dar

– saram = sare man

– micharkhe = micharkhad


  • To budi o ye lebaas.

It was you and a dress.

– ye = yek


  • Budi to tu baghalam.

You were in my arms.


  • Gardanet bud ru labam.

My lips were on your neck.

– Lit.: Your neck was on my lip.


  • Aaftaab tolu’ asan nemikard on ruz.

It seemed like the sun wasn’t going to rise that day.

– Lit.: The sun didn’t rise that day at all.

– asan = aslan (c.f. mesle)


  • Faghat man o to baa nure sham’.

Just you and me and candlelight.


  • Kaari kard aarum besham.

It calmed me down.

– Lit.: It did something to calm me down.

– aarum = aaraam

– besham = beshawam = shawam


  • Sedaat o baarune shab.

Your voice and the rain of the night.

– Sedaa to = sedaaye to


  • Baa to khube daaghunesham.

It’s good to be with you even when I’m torn apart about it.

– daaghunesham = daaghune u hastam 


Refrain 2x


  • Sobe zud, sob bekheir baa zur o khamiyaaze.

Early in the morning, forcing a “good morning” with the help of yawns.


  • Bargaa rikhtan o bi-rikht shodan tu fasle taaze.

The leaves have fallen down and become shapeless in the new season.


  • Mundim man o to, ye botri aab ke khordi aarum.

Only you and I were left and a bottle of water you drank slowly.


  • Cheshaa riz, pelkaa khis, jeloum che mordi aasun.

Your eyes half-closed, wet eyelids, how easily you died in front of me.

– Cheshaa = Cheshmhaa (same as mesle and aslan)

– mishe = mishawad


  • Miyaad sefid behet tu Ordibehesht.

White looks good on you in Ordibehesht.

– behet = be to

– Ordibehesht = month in the Iranian calendar, approx. April/May


  • Paridim samte maah, baa daste baaz o khordim behesh.

We jumped to the moon with an open hand and got smashed.


  • Man Pete to Kate Mosse mani.

I’m Pete and you’re my Kate Moss.


  • Saakhte vaase hamim.

Made for each other.

è vaase = baraaye


  • Ma’rufin pas ord midim baraamun beshkaafe zamin.

We are famous so we give the world an order to split for us.

– ord = order (English)


  • Saakhte vaase hamim.

Made for each other.

vaase = baraaye




  • Man ruzhaaye khub yaadam miyaad.

I remember the good old days.

– miyaad is singular, maybe because it’s an impersonal construction used to express “to remember something”


  • Budim do taa adaamizaad

We were (just) two human beings.


  • Haal kardim baaham ziyaad.

We had a lot of fun together.


  • Har jaam baasham baa man miyaad.

Wherever I go the memories accompany me…

– miyaad is referring to khaaterash in the next line


  • Yaad o khaaterash, baaz dobaare tash.

…all these memories, and then the end again.

– tash = tahesh = tahe un or short for atash = fire


  • Raabete khundast baa to faatehash.

Our relationship’s “faateh” has been read.

– faateh = opening chapter of the Quran, also prayer for the dead


  • Pas biyaa do taayi khaakesh konim.

So come on, let’s bury it together.

– pas = so, then


  • Paak-kono biaar asan paakesh konim.

Bring the eraser so we can erase all of this.

– biaar = biaawar (aawardan = to bring)

– asan = aslan (see mesle)


  • Cheraa saaket shodi, ye chizi begu,

Why have you gone quiet, say something…


  • Ghable inke hame chizo bekhaayi berizi dur.

…before you want to throw away all of this.


  • Pas boro dombaale kaaret manam dombaale kaaram.

So go after your own business, I too shall go after my own business.

– manam = man ham


  • Toro mikhaam che kaar vaghti dunyaaro daaram?

Why would I want you when I own the world?

– toro = to raa

– mikhaam = mikhaaham


  • Vaghti sob paa misham o shab khoshhaal o shaadam.

When I wake up in the morning and in the evening I’m entirely happy.


  • Hame chi khub, nist dige ghami.

Everything is fine, no sorrow anymore.

– hame chi = hame chiz

– dige = here: anymore, no longer


  • Toam nisti begi midam bakhteto baazi.

You are not there either to tell me that I’m messing with your future.

– toam = to ham


  • Nemiresim beham mese do taa khate movaazi.

We don’t reach one another like two parallel lines.


  • Whatsappe man o to.

You and me whatsapping each other.


  • Taa saate panje sob.

Until 5 o’clock in the morning.


  • Text, text baraa to.

Text, text, just for you.

– baraa to = baraaye to


  • Check, check, amaa kho…

A double check mark, but, oh well…

– kho = (oh) well, ok then


  • Manam pesaram, ino befahm ke kharam.

In the end I’m just a guy, you have to understand, I’m a donkey.

khar = donkey, idiot (common insult)


  • Raahat gul mikhoram vaghti duri azam.

I’m easily seduced when you are far away.

– azam = az man


  • Shaayad nabaayad un shab miaavardam uno khune.

Maybe I shouldn’t have taken her home with me that night.


  • Ba’de concert daaghun sobesh didam ke ruberume.

After the concert – being all messed up. In the morning I saw her in front of me.


  • Khodamo fohsh daadam.

I cursed myself (for it).


  • Chun alaan wojdaanam.

Cuz now I have a guilty conscience.

– “a guilty conscience” is normally expressed through the phrase “azaabe wejdaan daashtan” which literally means “to have an aching conscience”


  • Kasiftar az in sigaari sob keshid baa man.

(I felt) dirtier than the cigarette she smoked with me in the morning.




  • Nemikhaam beram, zude.

I don’t want to go, it’s still early.


  • In daastane mune.

This is our story.


  • Baa to daaghunam khube.

With you I’m shattered, but it’s ok.


  • Aakherin baaremun bude.

It was our last time.


  • Chun raahemun dure.

Cuz our paths are from one another.


  • Bezaar raazemun ru she.

Let our secret be revealed.