Level 3: Tabestoon Kootahe

Persian: Iranian Dialect (Farsi)

Tabestoon Kootahe 

(Summer is Short)



Dobaare kenaare aab, zire setaarehaayim.

Here we are again, at the beach, underneath the stars.

– Setaarehaayim = setaarehaa hastim


Khoshhaal az in ke tuye behtarin se maahe saalim.

Happy to be in the best three months of the year.

– Tuye = dar

– Saalim = saal hastim


Tanhaa mushkel ine ke tahte feshaare khaabim.

Our only problem is that we have to sleep.

– Lit.: that we are under the pressure of sleep

– Tanhaa = alone; here: only, just

– Ine = in hast


Hamechi aaliye, vali age bezaare paayiz.

Everything is great, if only fall would let it be… (would not come).

– Hamechi = hamechiz

– Bezaare = begzaarad (from gozaashtan (“to put, place”; also: ”to let”))


Cheraa mire jelou aghrabe hey?

Why does the hour hand keep on moving forward?

– Normal sentence structure: Aghrabe hey cheraa mire jelou?

– Mire = mirawad

– Hey = constantly, repeatedly


Motanafferam az tahe del man az awwale Mehr.

I hate the beginning of Mehr from the bottom of my heart.

– Normal sentence structure: Man az awwale Mehr az tahe del motanafferam.

– Mehr = First month of autumn in the Iranian calendar, begins in September and ends in October.


Mikhaam mast sham, bokonam khodaaro negaah.

I want to get drunk and look at God.

– Normal sentence structure: Mikhaam mast sham wa khodaaro negaah konam.

– Mikhaam = mikhaaham.

– Sham = beshawam

-Bokonam = konam

– Khodaaro = khodaa raa


Enghad bekesham taa ke bedam shoshaaro be gaa.

Smoke so much that my lungs get fucked up.


Chun man Hiddenam, ide midam, divunam.

Because I’m Hidden, I express my ideas, I’m crazy.

– Hidden = name of the singer

– Ide = idea

– Midam = mideham

– Divunam = divaane hastam


Pas shab bemun pisham, tanhaa nasho.

So stay with me tonight, don’t be alone.

– Pas = so, then

– Bemun = bemaan

– pisham = pishe man


Chun ke midunam dus daari in akhlaaghamo.

Because I know you like this attitude of mine.

– Midunam = midaanam

– Dus = dust (words of the pattern CvCC (C = consonant, v = vowel) the last letter is often dropped, like “fek mikonam” (instead of fekr))

– Akhlaaghamo = akhlaage man raa (lit.: my morals)


To o man, tuye takht, ruye ham.

You and me, in bed, overlapping.


Ruye bang, ud o sham, baa nure kam.

Stoned, with incents and candles, with the lights dimmed.

– Ruye bang = lit.: “on the bong”


Fardaaro bikhiyaal taa hast emruz.

Tomorrow doesn’t matter cuz there is today.

– Fardaaro – object case because it’s the object of bikhiyaal “no regards to tomorrow”.


Man o to o duste khubemun Grey Goose.

You and me and our good friend Grey Goose.

– Khubemun = khube maa

– Grey Goose = a kind of vodka


Be har haal, har saal bargaa rang migiran.

Anyway, every year the leaves get all colorful.

– Lit.: the leaves “take color”

– Bargaa = barghaa

– Migiran = migirand


Ye chand maah sabz aakhar be zard mimiran

A few months they are green, then they die when they turn yellow.


Taabestun raft, sarmaa tanamo oftaade kard.

Summer is gone, the cold has made my body weak.

– Taabestun = taabestaan

– Tanamo = tane man raa


Tuye khomaari o sabr eyne mo’taade crack.

Hungover and impatient, just like a crack addict.

– Lit.: “in hangover and patience”

– Eyne = mesle


Vali zire geryeye paayiz khis nemishim.

But under the tears (lit.: tear) of autumn we won’t get wet.

– Nemishim = nemishavim


Zemestunam Swiss narim, mirim piste Dizin

We shall not go to Switzerland in Winter, we’re going to the piste of Dizin.

– Zemestunam = zemestaan ham

– Narim = narawim (subjunctive)

Dizin = largest Iranian ski resort


Bahaaram ke havaa abre o faghat buye khub daare.

In spring, too, the weather is cloudy, it only smells nice.

– Lit.: “it has a good smell”

– Bahaaram =bahaar ham

– Ke = doesn’t mean “that” here, used for emphasis or to mean “since, because” similar to German “doch” as in “Das ist doch klar!”

O = wa

– Daare = daarad


Ke daare behemun mige ke taabestun tu raahe, vali…

That (the smell of spring) tells us that summer is on its way, but…

– Daare mige = present continuous

– Behemun = be maa

– Mige = miguyad

– Tu = dar

– Raahe = raah hast


Tabestoon kutahe, maahaa taa mitunim pishe ham mimunim.

Summer is short and we’ll stay together for as long as we can.

– Lit.: “For as many months as we can”

– Mitunim = mitavaanim


Dusthaaye samimi, kaarhaaye ghadimi, injaa maa haminim.

Close friends, the good old days, that’s what we are here.

– Kaarhaaye ghadimi = lit.: old affairs/matters


Madmoiselle baa chanel.

Madmoiselle with chanel.


Aab mishi mese kaaraamel.

You melt like caramel.

– Mese = mesle


Falsafe dunyaa do ruze.

Philosophically speaking the world is (only) two days old.

– Mitunim = mitavaanim


Har shabesh congaco dude.

Every night it’s cognac and smoke.

– Shabesh = shabe aan = sh might be referring to “dunyaa”?


Un dokhtar hambaazime.

That girl is my playmate.

– Un = aan


Har jaa mire barnaame barfbaaziye.

Wherever she goes the program is “playing in the snow” (cocaine).


Chand maahiye midune shab baa kiye.

It’s been a few months now that she knows who she spends the night with.

– Midune = midaanad

– Kiye = ki hast


Man beram unam tanhaa mishe.

If I leave she too will be lonely.

– Unam = un ham


Tu fekresh manam o tu livaan vodkaa.

I’m on her mind and in her glass is vodka.

– Fekresh = fekre u

– Lit.: in the glass


Emshab mikhaad Living La Vida Loca.

Tonight she wants to be Living La Vida Loca.


Weed o coca taa be nesfe shab zadan.

Smoking weed and taking cocaine until midnight.


Tamum mishe baa ye chesm beham zadan.

It’s finished in the blink of an eye.


Vali age khorshid nare.

But if the sun doesn’t go.

– Khorshid = aaftaab


Taa aakhare omr injaa khosh migzare.

We will have fun here until the end of life.


Hattaa ruzi ke nayaan bargaaye khis.

Until the day that wet leaves don’t come.


Zendegi mikonim engaar fardaayi nist.

We live as if there is no tomorrow.


Hess mikonim sexy shodim.

We feel like we have become sexy


Ruuye mojaaye Mexicoyim.

We are on Mexico’s waves.


Lam daadim tuye shenaaye saahel.

We’re lying on the sand of the beach.


Daryaaro mibinam tu un cheshaaye zaaghet.

I can see the sea in these blue eyes.

– cheshaaye = cheshmhaaye (same rule as in “dus daaram” or “fek mikonam”, see line 11)


Migam “oh lala”

I say “oh lala”


Beram ghorbune un paahaa.

I’ll die for these legs.

lit.: I shall sacrifice myself for these legs.


Tahe shahrivare, liquore zard-aalu…

It’s the end of Shahrivar, we drink apricot liquor.

shahrivar = sixth month and final month of summer of the Iranian calendar, begins in August and ends in September


…mikhorim, o mikonim o mikonim barf paaru.

Have sex and shovel snow (take cocaine).


Eshgham, ine zendegimun.

My love, this is our life.


Mikhaam gher bedi rum.

I want you to dance on me.

– rum = ruye man


Dare gusham begi “Kosse khaare zendegimun!”

And whisper in my ear: „Fuck our lives!”

dare gusham = lit.: “at my ear’s door”


Miyaad ruzi ke…

The day will come that…


Do taayi mimunim khomaare ye bus dige.

We are left in the hangover of another kiss.

Meaning: Craving for one more kiss


Taa Venus mire sedaaye taabestun.

The voice of summer will reach Venus.


Vaghti paam zire saret jaaye baalesh bud.

When my foot was under your head in place of a pillow.


Vali na, maa dige harchi begim bahaanast.

But no, everything we say now is an excuse.


Aasemun aabi mese meditarraan ast

The sky is blue like the Mediterranean.

– mese = mesle (see line 11)



Kaashke dunyaa yaadesh bere maaraa.

I wish the world would forget about us.

– Note how maa is the logical object and thus takes the accusative case but grammatically speaking it should be the subject (kaashke maa yaade dunyaa beravim.)


Nabinim toloue aftaabo.

So that we won’t have to see the sunrise.


Negaahaaye mano to bud ayne arusi.

All eyes were on you and me, like in a wedding.


Hame tu kaf – ayne Jacuzzi.

We’re all bubbly like Jacuzzi.

– tu kaf budan = lit.: to be in foam

can have several meanings:

1.    to have a strong desire for somebody or something.

– Man tu kafe un dokhtaram = I fancy that girl.

2.    to be greatly impressed by somebody or something.

– Man hanuz tu kafe mashine unam. = I’m still thinking of his car.


To migerefti dastet Harmes.

In your hand you were holding a Hermes (handbag).


Manam kafsh o kamar o kolaam sabz o ghermez.

My shoes, belt and hat – all green and red.


Harruz mididam hafte sobo baat.

Everyday I saw 7 a.m. with you.

– baat = baahaat = baa to


Tanet garm o range shokolaat.

Your body – warm and chocolate-colored


Nemikardamet az badanam jodaa.

I wouldn’t let you separate from my body.


Tane to bud garmtar az sonaa.

Your body was hotter than a sauna.


Bargaa hame rikhtan amaa shaakhe hast.

The leaves have fallen down but the branches remain.

– note that “hast” when used to refer to the existence of something doesn’t become shortened but remains “hast, hastam, etc”


Kam kam baayad baaro bast.

It’s time to pack the bags.


Baayad bargardim khunehaamun saak be dast.

We have to go back to our homes with bags in our hands

– khunehaamun = be (can be dropped in informal speech) khaanehaaye maa


Chizi ke munde ye khaaterast.

All that remains is a memory.


Alaan baghalet konam beynemun kaapshene.

When I hug you now there is a coat in between us.

– konam = note how the subjunctive is used to express “if” or “when”


Kaash beshe barf zudtar aab beshe.

Wishing the snow would melt quicker.


Chun hanu fekram dame saahele.

Because in my mind I’m still at the beach.

– hanu = hanuz


Baayad noh maa vaaisam eyne zane haamele.

Now I have to wait for 9 months like a pregnant woman.

– vaaisam = vaaistam = to wait


Man ham injaa mimunam.

I’ll stay right here.


In hame ruz migzare zud, dore hamim in hame dust.

All these days will go by quickly, we are all together, all these friends.


Man taa mishe michugham.

I smoke as much as I can.

– michugham = I smoke


In hame ruz migzare zud, zakhar beman begu chi kame tush?

All these days will go by quickly, man, tell me, what is missing here?

– zakhar = a character in an Oblov novel

– lit.: Tell me what is in it that is too little? – what is missing here?

– tush = tuye in